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For entrepreneurs who want to start, systemize, and scale an SEO business to 7-figures per year.

“The coaching calls are invaluable. If I understood the value of the coaching calls before joining … I would’ve paid double.” – Jared Tangir, Agency Owner

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Start Your SEO Business

Learn how to start an SEO business from scratch without any experience and get it to $10k/mo.

Keval Shah

Using Nathan’s process… I was able to quit my 9-to-5, start my own SEO agency and 2 years in… at this point I’m financially free. I don’t have a boss and have a large roster of clients I’m happy with.

Agency Owner at Inbound Pursuit

Systemize Your SEO Business

Use our proven SEO systems, templates, and SOPs to train your team and get consistent #1 rankings for your clients (at scale). That way, you can increase retention (and client satisfaction), get more referrals, and scale your SEO business the right way.

Zacc Dukowitz

This was the best year by far for our organic traffic and it was thanks to the systems and processes I’ve gotten from GSA. We grew organic traffic by 59% YoY, from 262,000 to 417,000. Thanks so much for helping me achieve these results!

SEO Specialist at Flyability

Scale Your SEO Business

Only 1 out of 10 SEO businesses get to $1 million per year. You can enter the top 10% of SEO entrepreneurs who achieve that goal by learning how to build an all-star SEO team and how to get more clients on autopilot.

Dan Ansaldo

It would be difficult to overemphasize the quality of this Academy! Not only does it contain a ton of videos and templates that show you the “how” and the “why” behind SEO, the twice-weekly coaching calls are invaluable. Even at a low estimate, the coaching calls are worth five times the price of the course. So much value! Plus, the group is very welcoming and helpful. Everyone is looking out for everyone else. You don’t find that very often.

SEO Specialist at Division-D

Here's What You'll Get:

The Gotch SEO System

I've spent over ten years and thousands of hours building this SEO system. And it's battle-tested and responsible for thousands of successful SEO campaigns.

You'll get access to each of the following step-by-step systems (that include proprietary templates & SOPs):

Keyword Research System

SEO Content System

Link Bait System

SEO Audit System

Technical SEO System

Ecommerce SEO System

On-Page SEO System

AI SEO System

Ranking Diagnosis System

Backlink System

E-E-A-T System

Local SEO System

SEO Agency Accelerator

Over the last ten years, I've made millions selling SEO services to businesses. This training will help you start, systemize, and scale an SEO services business from scratch.

In this training, you'll learn:

Niche Selection System - Pick the perfect niche for your agency.

Lead Gen System - Get high-quality leads ready to invest.

Sales System - Close 50% + of your SEO proposals.

Project System - Manage your campaigns in a scalable way.

Fulfillment System - Get predictable #1 rankings for your clients.

Retention System - Retain 90% of your best clients.

Scaling System - Leverage systems & build an all-star SEO team.

Weekly SEO Coaching

Nathan Gotch (a top 1% SEO professional) leads two weekly coach calls. He answers every question, gives actionable SEO insights on actual campaigns, and shares new techniques (not shared publicly) that give members a strategic SEO advantage.

Here's a preview of what we tackled in the most recent calls:

The Secret To Improving CTR, Local SEO: How To Rank In Multiple Cities For The Same Site, Tips on Promoting Your Content, Digital PR and Link Bait, Improving Homepage Link Equity, SEO Strategies For a Local Pest Site

SEO Performance Test: Bold vs Non-Bold Keywords, How To Track Engagement Rates on Lead Capture Pages, Difference Between Keyword Research vs Audit, Metal Business Card Site Audit, How Nathan Uses Page Traffic Metrics

Link Building 101 For Local Service Pages, Are Citations Worth It?, Nathan’s Thoughts on Popular Link Vendors, Are HARO Links Safe?, What About Links From Explicit Sites?, Tier One vs Tier Two Link Building

Check out the latest call:

Private SEO Mastermind

Imagine an SEO community that's 100% pure SEO and business value without politics, drama, or self-promotion.

That's the Gotch SEO Academy community. Here's what to expect:

24/7 Support

Positive Environment

Elevate Your Game

Access to New Training


0% Drama

Constructive Feedback

0% Politics

Direct Access to Experts

Build Friendships

Like-Minded People

100% SEO & Business

0% Self Promotion

Open to New Ideas



SEO Certifications

Enter an exclusive club of verified, top 1% SEO masters. And showcase your expertise to the world so you can earn more.

Our SEO Specialist Certification is perfect for beginners who need a foundational understanding of SEO. Learn the core skills you need to prepare for the next SEO level.

Once you’ve nailed the foundational principles, it’s time to test your knowledge with the SEO Expert Certification. You’ll learn our proven step-by-step system in this part of the program. This is the exact system we use for every SEO campaign.

The SEO Mastery Certification is the hardest to earn because you must demonstrate that you can actually drive SEO results. Only 1% of members earn this certification (that’s by design).

Custom SEO Training Platform

We've invested thousands of hours into our platform to deliver an incredible experience for every student. Here's a free demo:

25 + SEO Templates

200 Coaching Calls

Approved SEO Vendors

Lifetime Updates

Learn at Your Own Pace

Immersive Learning


SEO Certifications

AI Prompt Templates

100 + SOPs

100% Searchable Platform

Approved SEO Tools

New Training

Cutting Edge Strategies

About Your SEO Coach

Nathan Gotch is an SEO professional with over a decade of experience. He's led hundreds of successful SEO campaigns in competitive niches such as health, B2B, SaaS, and legal. And Nathan's SEO advice has helped thousands around the world achieve SEO success. His SEO expertise is featured on Semrush, Ahrefs, Search Engine Journal, and Hubspot. Nathan is also the author of the best-selling book The SEO Entrepreneur. And Nathan's public SEO content gets over two million organic views every year.

What Our Members Say

We have earned a 9.7 NPS score for our program. Here's why:

Gloria Ochoa

“Got my first $1,000/mo client!”

Gloria Ochoa

Dalton Ousley

I am currently starting my SEO/digital marketing agency and feel so much more confident after taking this course. I feel as if Nathan and I would get along great if we ever met in person! Down-to-earth guy who serves as a role model for me. Thanks Nathan.

Agency Owner at LegAcynt

Paul Letourneau

I’ve been watching YouTube SEO videos for years. When I finally decided to join a group, Gotch SEO was the only one I considered. Nathan’s videos have helped me so much over the years with my own sites and client sites, I naturally wanted to join Gotch and learn more from the SEO Master himself. I haven’t always followed a specific process and Gotch SEO Academy has helped me develop a repeatable process that helps my sites gain traffic while I sleep.

Agency Owner at Strategy at YEG Digital

Jared Tangir

Gotch SEO Academy has empowered me to believe in myself and my SEO abilities. The coaching calls are invaluable. If I understood the value of the coaching calls before joining … I would’ve paid double.

Agency Owner at Elevated Audience

Jacob Landis-Eigsti

Gotch SEO Academy is SO thorough and packed with an incredible amount of value. I’m so glad I enrolled, and I’ve gone from page 15 to page 2 in one month.

SEO Consultant

Travis Descoteaux

I’ve gone through the complete training, and it’s amazing. I’m starting from an absolute 0 in SEO. The SEO Specialist course helped me learn every aspect of SEO. The SEO Expert course then laid out an entire step-by-step plan with SOPs that I need to follow to rank. I’m thankful to have this.

Marketing Operations Manager at OP2 Labs

Anatoliy Chistov

I’ve been following Nathan for the past 3 years and I believe he is one of the best SEOs on planet earth. Anybody who is thinking about his Academy, it’s one of the best investments I’ve made in my life and definitely my business.

Agency Owner at Family Attorney SEO

Noah Kain

The Gotch Academy provides unbelievable value. I don’t think I could even put a price on how valuable it is. Best investment I’ve ever made and it’s not even close.

Agency Owner at Noah Kain Consulting

Simon Kensington-Fellows

I’ve been doing SEO for the last 5 years and know you absolutely have to keep up to date. If you’re looking to get started in SEO or expand your knowledge, I would thoroughly recommend Gotch SEO Academy.

Agency Owner at Seedhub Media

Angie Weldon

I had a whole bunch of experience with the other (SEO) courses on the market. I was so thankful to have found Gotch Academy.

Business Owner at Blink Marketing Agency

Graeme Knight

I would like to build an SEO and online consultancy and ultimately support customers with the knowledge and experience that I gain. It is important to me that this is done in a genuine way that offers a high degree of quality. This is why I invested in Gotch SEO Academy.

SEO Consultant

Jonathon Henderson

When I got inside Nathan’s course, I used his technical audit on my own website first and now I rank #1 for Georgia SEO.

Agency Owner at Better Bistro Media

Samantha Blake

I am blown away!!! I cannot even believe all the resources, support, and community that is available within GSA. I am totally kicking my butt for not becoming a member when I started binge watching your youtube videos in 2020. The live calls are incredible. I would never have expected GSA to have this much value. The program is a steal and it especially is if you pay in 6 months. I have spent a lot of money on online courses and group coaching (I know you dont really call GSA that) in the past, and this is 100 times better than anything I have ever purchased to grow my business. I could seriously talk about how excited, inspired, and motivated I am all day haha. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Agency Owner at Samantha Digital LLC

Phil Mackie

Been enjoying the support and the community for about 18 months… GSA has more than paid for itself at this point.

Product Manager at Bosslytics

Flemming Berndt

I think the fact that I can work so closely with someone who is proven to be successful in SEO + knows the business side of things is a great value and in my opinion absolutely worth the money.

Project Manager at MetalicCards

Daniel Twiss

I cannot speak more highly of this program. The course structure and support are more than I ever expected, with weekly communication in the community from a network of experts to provide constant updates on what is going on in the industry. If you want to understand the deep part of SEO, this is a must. The best part is knowing what is needed to fix issues and giving my customers the best results possible. I recommend this platform to anyone who is interested in mastering SEO and the skills needed to go out on your own.

Agency Owner at Twiss Digital Marketing

Elizabeth Wing

It really is a way to learn and implement SEO. Everything is there for success.

Digital Marketer

Nick Dyer

The GSA community has been amazing. It’s so much easier to succeed when you’re surrounded and supported by like-minded people. The quality and value of the information I’ve learned have given me more confidence in my SEO skills.

SEO Consultant

Brett Simpson

Just landed my biggest SEO client @3k per month after running a 2k SEO audit following the training here. A big shout out to Nathan, thanks man.

Agency Owner at Constant Clicks

Rodolfo Icaza

The content of the academy is pure gold. The information that Nathan provides is top quality for those who want to start with solid foundations in the world of SEO, but also the community that he has generated makes it much more entertaining. Added to that, the weekly calls and having access to exchange questions live make me feel very confident and happy that I made the decision to invest in this program.

Co-Founder of Icamos

Amandeep Singh

I checked out Nathan’s free tutorials before joining his paid course, and believe me, his paid course is worth every single penny.

Agency Owner at Desi Media Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.

Alan Silvestri

Nathan is also active in the group which makes it even better. You basically have access to one of the best SEOs in the industry. This alone is worth the price! Other than all this, I immediately took action with what I learned in Gotch SEO Academy on one of my affiliate sites, all I’m going to say is that from the past year I’ve gotten a 380% increase in organic traffic. The site went from making $100-200/month to $1000+/month on autopilot.

Agency Owner at Growth Gorilla

Kester Browne

I have learned more than I expected, plus the calls two times a week are invaluable. Learn a lot by listening to other members.

SEO Consultant

Dan Morton

If you’re really serious about learning SEO and learning how to do it the RIGHT way, Gotch SEO Academy is the place for you.

SEO Consultant at Fairlane Web Consulting, LLC

Leonard Parker

I have transitioned from a freelancer to agency owner and the Gotch SEO Academy and community has played a large role in helping me make that transition.

Agency Owner at Destiny Marketing Solutions

Jeff Tilley

I was doing blogging in that or another form for the last 5 years. I have already learned a lot myself, but when I’ve joined the academy, I’ve completely changed my perspective on how SEO (and blogging) should be done. I started to believe that I can rank for keywords, that I was throwing away before, simply because I I didn’t know how to do backlinks and didn’t have a transparency on my SEO. Thank you Nathan. You are doing a big job of supporting small businesses. You are doing more than you think…

Business Owner

Gal Dorado Olivares

The videos in this SEO program are short, sweet, and loaded with useful content. It’s not just about SEO; it’s stuff you can use in everyday life, too. As a newbie, I find the information super easy to digest. I’m loving the fact that they’re asking for feedback at this stage of the course—it shows they really care. I’m stoked to keep learning and, even more, to put it into action!

Digital Marketing Consultant

Kyle Klaver

Within the first month, the course paid for itself through client SEO. The ROI was huge! Can’t recommend it enough.

SEO Consultant

Peter Hiebl

A big game-changer for me doing SEO with clients.

SEO Consultant at SEO Marketing Academy

Nirav Somani

One of the best epic courses on SEO globally. Thank You.

Agency Owner at Infozium Group

Ahmed Hassan

If you want to learn SEO you’ll find 1000 ways to learn it for free BUT the knowledge will be scattered, you’ll learn different tactics from different people that might not fit together, and it’ll take much longer than with a structured approach like Nathan teaches in his program. Not to mention that being certified by Gotch SEO Academy will definitely make you stand out from others, especially on Linked In after you’ve showcased the certification on your profile.

ahmed hassan
SEO Consultant at Digital Skills Cafe

Rob Timmermann

It’s a really well-put-together course. It’s good for people who are just getting started or SEO experts.

Agency Owner at Timmermann Group

Dan Ansaldo

It would be difficult to overemphasize the quality of this Academy! Not only does it contain a ton of videos and templates that show you the “how” and the “why” behind SEO, the twice-weekly coaching calls are invaluable. Even at a low estimate, the coaching calls are worth five times the price of the course. So much value! Plus, the group is very welcoming and helpful. Everyone is looking out for everyone else. You don’t find that very often.

SEO Specialist at Division-D

Garry Meston

Don’t dare go into the industry without getting education from Gotch SEO Academy.

Agency Owner at Leadburst Digital

Aaron Traub

I finally feel like I’m doing proper SEO work.

Agency Owner at HVAC Marketing Engine

Christopher Wicklander

Best investment I’ve made and not only has it helped me in business — it is also life changing.

Agency Owner

Maggie McTavish

I feel very supported along the way. The SOPs, video tutorials and group resources are incredibly valuable.

Agency Owner at Mango Media

Kur Win

It’s priceless – I’ve already made all my GSA investment back from client work.

SEO Consultant at The Techy Hub

Stephen Alberts

The best thing I like about the course is the videos are 2, 3, or 5-minutes long which is great if you’re busy or don’t have a ton of time. But I’ve got a ton of value from it.

Agency Owner at Countertop Marketing Co.

Macallister Bishop

Once you’re here, you feel like you’re a part of a community – a community of great people who’s unified goal is to help each other get better and learn.

Ecommerce Business Owner at StretchyWorld.com

Brett Helling

I need to live in the strategic role and delegate to a team and that’s where GSA just takes the heavy lifting off me having to figure out how to do that myself… it’s been a game-changer.

Business Owner at Ridester.com

Marcio Resende

Worth every minute spent in training. This was a Game Changer for me!

Agency Owner at Rio X Marketing

Daniel Barbour

Nathan’s advice on mindset is crucial, keep an awareness of your thoughts and expect that this journey will take time as you learn and grow. Apply the concepts from the course, get results, and your confidence will explode.

SEO Consultant

Daniel Shepherd

I highly recommend signing up for Gotch SEO Academy. All of the content is explained very well through video presentations. There is also an active community where you can ask questions to any problems you might be having.

SEO Consultant

Toni JV

Gotch SEO Academy has not only given me the proven formulas and tools to actually rank a website and start an SEO agency, but it has also given me the safety of being able to ask questions in the community which is great when starting to work with clients for the first time to take away some of the pressure.

Agency Owner at JVT Media

Jaime Mantilla

Working with GSA has been amazing not only from the business perspective but also from the personal growth perspective. The skills that one learns in this program can’t be taken away and will follow you for the rest of your life. It is a no-brainer, so just jump in!

Agency Owner at Your Preferred Agency

Michael Monyak

Thank you so much, Nathan!! You have truly transformed my life with REAL SEO training that is not just a guessing game or based on “tricks”. I am very thankful for you and your advice and for helping me to excel in my business and life! Your advice on SEO and marketing also applies to life and I can’t imagine where my life would be at right now because you have guided me in the right direction!!

Agency Owner

Michael Smeth

Gotch SEO Academy has been amazing. Nathan is an invaluable sounding board. His systems have helped me immensely. I had a lot of the knowledge, but not in a way that would allow me to repeat and scale the processes out over multiple websites.

Agency Owner at WeReach Marketing

Amber Goetz

I’m blown away by the tiny things already that I’ve been missing all of these years that I’m starting to implement and are making a big difference. Almost done with the Agency Acelerator and I’m so glad I did this course so far!

Agency Owner at The Active Media

George Brindusescu

I like it because the videos are well done and easy to understand, and you also have interactivity in your calling sessions.

Web Designer

Joe Lawrence

Everything is shared to you in little bite-sized pieces where you can implement what you’re being taught quickly. This is a REAL course that delivers REAL results from someone that’s actually ranking really well on Google.

SEO Consultant at Business Credit Workshop

Nick Valle II

This course has phenomenal value. I appreciated that everything is packaged together truly to serve people who are looking to learn SEO.

SEO Consultant

Sid Sharma

The content is very informative, short & really easy to understand especially as a beginner. And the coaching calls twice a week are the cherry on top.

Business Owner

John Brewster

The level of information in the course is unparalleled to anything I have seen so far. In addition, the coaching calls are worth their weight in gold, being able to talk with Nathan directly is amazing.

SEO Manager at Duckpin

Zacc Dukowitz

This was the best year by far for our organic traffic and it was thanks to the systems and processes I’ve gotten from GSA. We grew organic traffic by 59% YoY, from 262,000 to 417,000. Thanks so much for helping me achieve these results!

SEO Specialist at Flyability

Luis Balmaceda

I can see how this course will save me years of trying things on my own. That alone is worth 6 figures, in my opinion.

SEO Consultant

Chris Dreyer

There are so many courses out there trying to sell you SEO instruction. It’s very clear that Nathan Gotch is an expert and Gotch SEO Academy is ahead of the game.

Agency Owner at Rankings.io

Andrew Nicholls

This training can get me where I want to be in life and in business.

SEO Consultant at Andrew Nicholls Traffic

Joe Edgley

Gotch SEO Academy has been so valuable in breaking down and analyzing each element of an SEO campaign to take be able to approach each campaign with a step-by-step process with confidence.

SEO Consultant at Amplified Marketing

Josh Kimmes

I’d been doing SEO for about 5 years, and I felt like my skillset had plateaued. I was determined to find a paid course that I felt would help excel my growth, and Gotch SEO Academy did just that. It has been incredibly valuable for my business. I feel much more confident in my knowledge, skillset, and I know I have resources behind me when I come across something I don’t know.

Agency Owner at Bear North Digital

Lexie Buhrandt

Course videos are straightforward and easy to follow. The community is great & answers questions when needed. Processes are simple to follow. I also really like the weekly calls, it gives you a chance to ask questions if they are not answered in the community!

SEO Specialist at E/Power Marketing Inc.

Punit Tongia

After I joined the Gotch SEO Academy, I developed a thorough grasp of SEO. Have a good understanding of how to grow in the agency model. I am extremely satisfied with what I got and recommend it to anyone who is interested.

SEO Consultant at MMC Convert

Justin Torres

Gotch SEO Academy has meant a lot as I use it on a day to day basis for work. I constantly review the material to apply what I learned.

SEO Consultant

Bryan Rainey

Gotch SEO Academy helped me start an SEO firm and I’ve already sold 4 paying clients and growing.

Agency Owner at Topic Flip

Zhanna Komarova

I came to Gotch SEO Academy because thought that getting knowledge from Nathan will shorten the learning curve for years, helps to avoid mistakes, and become a better SEO. But I’ve got so much more than that! The training gives fundamental knowledge of the SEO process, the clear repeatable system of achieving substantial rankings, and structuring the process in the most efficient way. With the help of Gotch Academy from an SEO practitioner, I could make a huge step toward being a professional online marketer, understand the next practical steps and skills to scale my income and success. I would highly recommend Gotch SEO Academy to anyone, who is passionate about online marketing, SEO or just want to promote its own business. Thank you!

Agency Owner at Local SEO Barcelona – Mintto

Hossein Fard

Love the ongoing support! For a small business like us, it’s super valuable to know we have a trusted source of support anytime we get stuck!

Agency Owner at Curly Bit

Lesley Van De Mortel

I love the content; it is very detailed, and I can’t believe everything required for SEO. The community is active and helpful, and two weekly mastermind calls are incredibly powerful. I don’t think there is any other platform out there like this. I’m still learning, but I’ve already gained so much knowledge about SEO I’m incredibly grateful. Thanks so much for putting this platform together!

Director of Digital Marketing for NeuroStim

Jeremy Schwegmann

I think it can be very difficult to launch and sustain a full time SEO company when juggling FT job and family. There is a VERY thin margin of error in terms of time and money. Gotch SEO Academy has been a game changer for me, providing me step by step instructions on how to create and launch an SEO business. While I was already aware of some of the content already, having already been in SEO for a few years, there have been so many golden nuggets I’ve never thought of before on my own. The tools and docs provided are gold. The processes and techniques in the course are fantastic. Confident that this course is going to turbo charge my SEO business right out of my day job and finally allow me to provide (spoil) nice things for my family.

SEO Consultant at Pearson

Pedro Flores

I joined the academy to brush up on my SEO since I haven’t really been engaged in a while. The training has been awesome. The coaching calls are likewise a wealth of SEO knowledge.

Database Manager for the city of NY

David Fitzmaurice

Since joining I have learned a lot. I think my main weakness was building backlinks and since joining I’ve found a lot of ways to get them. I’ve also built my one pager to get clients in my area and using what I’ve learned in the course so far, my website is ranking number 1 in my area after 2 weeks. I enjoy the classes every Tuesday and Thursday and I’m learning loads.

Agency Owner at Clean Boost Marketing

Brian Pappalardo

Trying to get better at SEO is like drinking through a firehose when you try to do it yourself. This has been really good so far – I’ve completed an audit following your tactics and sold a really nice retainer already that’ll already pay off the cost of the course in 3 months. I think it’s a gamechanger.

Agency Owner at Pappalardo Digital

Montray Gibson

I am finally able to rank a site I build or the website of another company. This means I can finally start selling leads to local business owners and start my digital marketing journey.

SEO Consultant

Mel Isaacs

The courses, tools, and coaching calls have all really helped me solidify my knowledge in SEO and given me more confidence in my abilities. The coaching calls are really helpful because they provide real-world examples and Nathan goes over everything in a lot of detail. The program has given me confidence in my ability to start an SEO agency and taught me some really useful tips and tricks for upping my SEO game.

Freelance B2B SaaS Marketing Writer

Sonia Beroud

I love the new 2.0 training (can’t wait for more videos!) and the coaching calls are very valuable. Imo, 2 things make GSA stand out compared to other SEO training programs: 1. The training material is actually updated (not the case in all courses, or you have to pay extra for each update). 2. The coaching calls help answer any remaining question and learn from others’ experience & questions.

PPC & SEO Consultant | SEM for E-commerce

Chris Beyer

The weekly coaching is incredibly helpful. Group Q&As are helpful. The self-paced structure is a great selling point here.

SEO Specialist at Bigpxl

Colin Melia

It’s an amazing system for any SEO agency.

Agency Owner at Tech-One

Brandon Blau

Gotch SEO Academy has helped me grow as a professional while also providing valuable insights and business for my clients. Nothing feels better than having something positive to show for all your hard work. Taking pride in what you do gives you a sense of fulfillment and allows you to appreciate your growth.

SEO Consultant at Key Marketing Group

Horacio Huizi

The content of the courses speaks for itself. Top tier. But what’s even better is the community. Everyone is super knowledgeable, and you can feel that everyone wants to help genuinely. The weekly calls are worth the price of admission on their own. I would definitely recommend it to anyone interested in SEO.

SEO Consultant

Lazar Belopavlich

Whatever it is that you’re trying to do in SEO – you simply can’t fail with Gotch SEO. Weekly calls, community, and courses are golden. Thank you!

Sagar Thaker

Everything I’ve learned from Gotch SEO Academy has helped me be where I am today. I personally feel I can outrank any website on Google now.

Agency Owner

Keval Shah

Using Nathan’s process… I was able to quit my 9-to-5, start my own SEO agency and 2 years in… at this point I’m financially free. I don’t have a boss and have a large roster of clients I’m happy with.

Agency Owner at Inbound Pursuit