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Hey there, my name is Nathan Gotch and I’m super pumped that you landed here.

Question for you:

Did you know that your homepage is one of the most important pages on your website?

It’s important for countless reasons, but let me explain why it’s important from an SEO perspective.

From an SEO perspective, your homepage will often have the most backlinks.

Backlinks (links from other websites) often determines whether your SEO campaign will succeed or fail.

Now, of course, other factors matter like your SEO content and your on-page SEO.

But backlinks are a huge ranking factor.

And because I know that many websites link to my homepage, I want to leverage the link equity in the best way possible. Don’t let your most powerful pages go to waste!

That said, here are some resources to help you learn SEO and get used to the content here at Gotch SEO:

I intentionally picked those content assets above because other websites are most likely to link to them. That’s why I always recommend data-driven content if you’re trying to get more backlinks.

I also publish free SEO training videos on YouTube. Here’s the latest about on-page SEO:

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