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How to Build Backlinks in 2018 (NEW Guide)
  • By Nathan Gotch

Backlinks are the nitrous of every successful SEO campaign. The key is to remember that not all backlinks are created equally. You need to focus on the opportunities that are A) most impactful and B) safe for your business. This guide will show you everything you need to k[...]

#7 - SEO vs. Sales: What Should You Focus on?
  • By Nathan Gotch

Transcript Welcome to the SEO life podcast, in this episode I’m going to explain whether you should focus on getting more organic search traffic or instead focusing on converting the traffic you already have. Let’s jump in. Every business owner or founder has or will encounte[...]

#6 - Why Overthinking Kills Your SEO Results
  • By Nathan Gotch

Transcript There is an unlimited amount of SEO information you can consume online and this is often the problem. Anyone can give SEO advice and you get instant access to it. You then start to fill your mind with loads of information, most of which is probably conflicting, and thi[...]

SEO Audit Checklist for 2018
  • By Nathan Gotch

SEO audits are the single best way to figure out why you’re not getting SEO results. It is the first activity my agency does when bringing on a new client. In this article, I’m going to show you how you can perform a complete SEO audit in 2018. Want access to the step[...]

#5 - Why You Should Study Neil Patel
  • By Nathan Gotch

If you’ve been involved the Internet marketing industry for more than a minute then you probably know who Neil Patel is. Neil has a hater or two because of the level of popularity he’s achieved in the digital marketing space, but there is a ton you can learn from him. And no [...]

Top 7 Untapped Keyword Research Tools [TUTORIAL]
  • By Nathan Gotch

In this article I’m going to show you the seven most untapped keyword research tools that don’t include the Google Keyword Planner. Number five is my personal favorite, so please keep reading! Every good SEO campaign is built on effective keyword research. There are t[...]

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