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Austin Belcak

The strategies helped me grow my site traffic from 4,600 users/month to 46,000 users/month in 5 months. That lead to an additional 8,000 email subscribers and a 300% lift in monthly revenue for my business.

Business Owner at Cultivated Culture

Keval Shah

Using Nathan’s process… I was able to quit my 9-to-5, start my own SEO agency and 2 years in… at this point I’m financially free. I don’t have a boss and have a large roster of clients I’m happy with.

Agency Owner at Inbound Pursuit

Noah Kain

The Gotch Academy provides unbelievable value. I don’t think I could even put a price on how valuable it is. Best investment I’ve ever made and it’s not even close.

Agency Owner at Noah Kain Consulting