Need a St. Louis SEO Company?

Hello, my name is Nathan Gotch and I’m the founder of Gotch SEO. Gotch SEO is the #1 ranked St. Louis SEO company and has helped countless businesses just like yours soar to the the top of Google and generate more revenue online. We want to help you do the same.

We understand that picking an SEO company for your business is a serious investment and should not be taken lightly. Search engine optimization within itself can seem like a complex or even confusing topic, so deciding what company to go with can be an even bigger challenge. After reading the small guide below, you will be equipped with the knowledge you need to hire the perfect company for your business.

Why is SEO important to my business?

Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines are responsible for driving the majority of traffic online. In fact, as of 2014 there are an estimate 3.5 billion searches per day on Google alone and that number is quickly rising. Although this number may seem staggering, it’s not the amount of traffic that is actually impressive.

It’s the type of traffic.

Someone using a search engine is looking for a solution to their problem, and if your business is at the top to give them that solution you will get the lead or the sale. You’re not only getting highly-targeted traffic, but you’re also getting pre-qualified traffic. So, the truth is, if your website isn’t visible in the search engines, then your business is missing out on a large chunk of revenue.

What Makes Gotch SEO Different?

1. Results Based Only

Unlike other St. Louis SEO companies, we are so confident in our SEO strategy that we won’t charge you a dime until you are ranking for one of the keywords that we decide on for your campaign. It isn’t a matter of “if” you’ll rank, it’s a matter of when. Other SEO companies will make you investment a great deal of money without ever proving that they can actually produce substantial results.

Here are only some of your results:

Traffic LawyerSTD Testing Center
Video Production Company_72ppi

Read more on our results page.

2. 100% In-House

Gotch SEO is composed of three highly-skilled team members who will personally be managing your campaign. We don’t bring you on as a client and then outsource our work to an untrained freelancer in another country. You getting 100% U.S.A. grade quality work.

3.We Are the Cheapest!

In the world of SEO, going with the cheaper option is not only a bad business decision, it’s actually a dangerous one. For every single client, we brainstorm and develop a custom made strategy. We do this because every client is different and we want to make sure the campaign is tailored on a case-by-case basis. You’re not paying us for a cookie-cutter, one-size fits all ineffective SEO package. You’re paying us to strategize and implement a system for building your brand and increaing your profits online.

4. White Hat

There are companies out there that use practices that will end up getting your website penalized by Google, which will ultimately result in online revenue loss. These practices are referred to as “Black Hat”. Fortunately, we know the dangers of using these tactics, so we use only the safest and most white hat strategies to rank your website and keep it safe.

5. Communication and Key Performance Indicators

Unlike other sketchy SEO companies, you’ll have our direct phone line and be able to call or email us whenever you want. Every month we will review key performance indicators such as ranking, traffic, and conversion rate data because we want to show you exactly what we’re doing to increase your business visibility and revenue online. 110% transparency and clear communication is something we pride ourselves on.

If you would like to dominate your market and work with a nationally recognized team of SEO experts, please fill in your information below or call us now at (314) 561-7235.

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